Friday, October 14, 2011

Lovely Autumn


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So I've been wanting SOOO MUCH to make a zine (or a million!) for the longest time but never really did. The truth is, I don't know exactly what a zine really is. There are lots available online and I have bought electronic ones from time to time (because independant zines are awesome), but still don't quite understand it all.

Does it have to have information? Writing? Lessons? Advice? Education?

But then I consider the Sketchbook Projects - thousands of people filling up these little booklets based on a theme. I realize now that those are zines and I've already made two of them.

I actually miss the first sketchbook project I did, it was kind of cool.

New project?


Anonymous said...

most of the zines that i've read are a mix of things, depending on the topic. i read a good one about fatshion and summer which was a mix of diy stuff, fatshion ideas, mixtape suggestions, etc.etc. i've also seen ones that were mostly art. one of the peeps i follow on tumblr is making a zine to help her deal with and work through PTSD. in short, i think a zine can be anything and everything you want it to be. at least that's the way the riot grrrls would have wanted it. :)

melissa said...

Those sound awesome! Did you see them entirely online? As downloadable pdf? in print?

The only ones I've really seen are the ones I bought off of journalgirl.

Anonymous said...

the summer fatshion one was entirely online. i don't think it was in a pdf because i couldn't read those on my old lappy. the other arty ones were all online too, but hell if i can remember where/when. the ptsd one she's doing just pen and marker in a moleskine book, because it's more personal. she took webcam/cellphone pictures of the pages she wanted to share. i think some people just do small (~10 pages or under) ones and limit the # of people they send it too, so they can do it all by hand.

basically, there's no wrong way to do a zine i think.