Monday, July 18, 2011

Endless Rain

I finally listed Endless Rain in my etsy shop. I really like this one. It looks fantastic in a snappy black frame.


This weekend was pretty weird. Milo kitty went to the hospital due to some urinary tract issues, and if you've ever met my cat, you'd know that it wasn't a great experience for him. He screams so loud when strangers are around it's like carrying an angry wolverine in a cardboard box.

I have no idea how they shaved his leg before sedating him. NO IDEA.

He came home last night, just waking up from his ordeal (oddly bathed and clipped...), and it was frightening to see him wobble around unable to move half of his body. His silence was unnerving. He's only just getting over it this afternoon.

But Maggie kitten doesn't recognize his smell and so it's pretty tense up in here. I can't imagine what that's like... to be a cat. To look at an old friend from a distance and go "oh hey, Joe! Nice to see you - *sniff sniff* Wait, you're not Joe. What are you doing in my house? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

Joe: "...Why does she keep YELLING AT ME? *sob*"

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pressed Flowers Journal


As planned, I made journal #6 look like the journal spread I made the other day. I'm rather pleased with it.


This is it for journal-making for the next little while. I'm out of paper and have decided to take a little break, even though I think I like making these more than I like painting.


A neighbour received her Sketchbook Project in the mail yesterday, and since I'm pretty sure we ordered within hours of each other, I'm hoping to get mine today! So excited.

Of course things never seem to arrive on fridays, or if they do, they don't fit in the box and then ride around on a postal truck all weekend and then I have to wait until monday knowing full well that I should have the parcel! Blllaaahh! *crosses fingers*

Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Love Spread Like a Weed

Now that Canada Post is more or less up and running, I've finally posted this painting in my etsy shop:


Available here.

Love it.

Due to the sun being on the other side of the building, I won't be able to post last week's painting on etsy until a bit later ;)


Running out of time to sign up for Kira's True to You (2) workshop!

If you've never visited her blog, you are seriously missing out. She needs more sign ups! It would be nice to have more people to play with!