Thursday, October 10, 2013

Intuitive Fly By The Seat Of Your Pants Painting

 photo IMG_995blog6_zpse3437d19.jpg

What. Why? Why did I do this? Why did I spent 2.5 hours covering a page with diamonds? Seriously. And my arm is particularly sore this week. It hurts to touch things with my index finger. So why the heck am I painting this? I don't even like it. 

 photo IMG_995blog7_zps1132c023.jpg

Oh geez. What the heck am I doing now? I can't even draw perfect ovals. I just covered up an hour's worth of triangles that I painted for no reason. What am I trying to do here, art nouveau? The pattern is still blindingly bright. 

 photo IMG_995blog8_zps1292391b.jpg

WHAT HAVE I DONE. What. You can't use heavy gel medium as a glaze, you just can't. Nice try, wiping it off of a WATERCOLOUR PAINTING. You just wiped off another hour's worth of diamonds and covered up the rest. Sheesh. Nice planning. 

On the other hand, it's looking a little bit more like a painting now. Looking all "weathered" and shiz. Yeah. Not nearly as blinding. I'd say it has potential now. What could be next?

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