Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clear your workspace today. Seriously.

So far, I am quite enjoying "I'd Rather Be In The Studio". Of course, I haven't been painting... ha! But I still feel like I'm crossing things off of my imaginary to-do list. I don't feel quite ready for the second action (Organize Information), but there was mention of getting rid of clutter and I have to agree: a messy space results in stress and procrastination.

I love peeking into workspaces so here's one of mine this morning...


Geez... I love how the lamp is upside down. It just completes the feeling of chaos.
So there's a half gift-wrapped painting on the desk because I lost my ribbons.
Scissors on the floor (!),
scrapbook paper stack is falling apart,
missing paintbrushes...
Behind the curtain is an empty water glass from who-knows-when.
Overflowing recycling stack & bin
I can see a framed painting from the blueberry festival just waiting to be smashed...


Guess what, I found my ribbons!

Having an empty desktop actually RELAXES me just to look at it. It never gets too out of control, but I get so easily frustrated when I'm in the middle of a project and can't find the scissors (only to find out they're right under the project I'm working on, argh!).

Honestly, just clearing the desk takes about 2 minutes if everything has its own place. If not, that's a new weekend project to consider! I love my pegboard and can't imagine not having it!

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