Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From the Post - Stickers!!

Soooo guess what else I got in the mail? Stickers! Tiny, adorable and super high quality square stickers. Love love love love them. But I don't know exactly what I plan to do with them... I might save them for art shows, or should I come up with some new creative idea?


Since the wedding cake is finished, and my life may shuffle back into normalcy, I feel a bit revitalized! So I finally went ahead and downloaded I'd Rather Be In The Studio. I am taking it in slowly and purposefully and hope that it is just the kick I need to make things happen.

The first step is to define success, and you know, I have to wonder if a million other people are also reading this book because I've been thinking an awful lot about defining success lately.  If you had one big unrealistic expectation, what would it be?

Me, I like to keep it simple. What seemed like unrealistic wishes to me a few years ago quickly became reality! I never thought I'd be a homeowner or a driver and now I'm BOTH! It makes me wonder what other dreams could come true?

What is my art business dream?

Oh ummm let's see.

I will feel successful when...
When I can make at least $800/month through my business! It's small potatoes, but at that point it could replace my day job entirely and I could be my own boss. Awesome.
I dream of having a tiny art studio in a cozy area with lots of foot traffic! I would open the doors and have little parties with visitors!
I'd love to have at least one solo exhibition, even if it was just once, even in just a local gallery. That would blow my mind. Of course, I'd love if it resulted in lots of visitors and some sales!

Just thinking about it gives me such a boost that I could go on and on and come up with bigger and bigger wishes!

If you could have everything you've ever wanted, what would it be?

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