Friday, July 19, 2013

I Probably Won't Sign Up For Your Online Class

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Online art journal classes are multiplying like CRAZY, and they're kind of tempting because: marketing. And then you sign up for them and sometimes they're inspiring and useful and sometimes you realize that you really just wish you could have that person's life or at least be a small part of it somehow and those dollars you spent didn't get you any closer to your life goals. 

A few years ago I felt like I was part of an online community. It was fantastic, easy and fulfilling enough just to know that there are likeminded people out there. But things change and I've been finding online communication to be quite lacking. If I didn't like making videos and throwing photos and words into the black hole of the internet and never knowing if they're hitting anything, I would have quit ages ago! But that's how it is. 

What has been really enriching is waiting in line with a bunch of skilled strangers, waiting to be rejected from a show. It's a buzzing reception with more skilled strangers, nibbling strawberries and looking at each others' art. It's painting and journaling with some new friends in a colourful studio. It's sitting quietly in a dim, overly air-conditioned gallery listening to artists talk, and listening to the audience click its tongue in agreement. It's bonding with a bunch of other vulnerable sellers at a dismally slow craft fair (but making a few small sales in the progress)! 

Online journal classes rarely come close.

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erin said...

Please continue "making videos and throwing photos and words into the black hole of the internet" because your art is inspiring. Of all of the art journal videos on YouTube, I find your art to be the most genuine, unique, and simply beautiful. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing your art.