Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Letter to a Younger Self

I've not been sleeping well and am going through a creative slump, so here is a bit of writing from today's newsletter:

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Dear child self,

After years of denial, you are going to realize that your art hobby is the only thing you really care about. You'll try to think of safe alternatives but it won't happen because
a) you never put effort into stuff you don't want.
b) in the 21st century, nothing is safe.

Art is so unbelievably reliant on social skills. You will spend years holed up in your room, listening to grump rock, drawing fairies and being as socially skilled as a bucket. Milkshakes don't literally bring all the boys to the yard unless you are handing out flyers for free milkshakes.  For the love of cake, be good at making friends and having conversations.

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Just like getting a good job, having a friend in the business is crucial. Even on the internet, your art will be buried by millions of others. It's kind of like throwing a birthday party and not a single kid is there to enjoy it (You should probably cancel that, btw). It would be a waste of good cake. And you will probably be a 30 year old minimum wager with very few friends and a side business that will barely pay for itself. Just saying.

With love,
Future self.

PS: Challenge your parents, and learn to cook and buy clothing please. You're a mess.

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