Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Handmade Sketchbook - Tall Tales

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You know, I used to think 4 leaf clovers were amazing. One time I found a patch of them and some of the clovers had all the way up to 9 leaves on them. It never really occurred to me that these were actually perfectly common things. I'd never seen a shamrock before. 

And even full grown adults accused me of fibbing when I presented them with pressed "lucky" clovers. I was not alone in my opinion that they were magic.

So when I saw a little black clover plant at the store I grabbed it. I was so mean to my plants last year that I thought it dried up and died, but it came back with such happy fury this year that I now have two containers full of them. Why? Because they are an aggressive weed! My favourite kind of plant :P But it means I have two containers of four-leaf clovers. 

This journal has a small bundle of them embedded right into the cover, you know, in case you need a little luck during your artistic journey! 

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At the last minute, I have been summoned to join Violette Clark in the festivities at the High Street Summer Block Party in South Surrey this weekend! If all goes well, we will be kicking around with our lovely items on display so if you are in the area, come check it out!

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