Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workspace Peek


I love looking at artist studios! Particularly the at-home kind that are just tucked away somewhere. Visiting a studio is a lot of fun in a "let me read your diary" sort of way.

There is an industrial building in Vancouver that is all artist studios. You could probably access the studios during the culture crawls. A few are dark and crampy little concrete dungeons. Others are actually beautiful little art galleries buried in shabby, winding hallways. Keep your eyes peeled!


Useful note: Peg boards are awesome. Once you get a pegboard, you will want to fill your house with them. We've got two. I'd like to get one more in the kitchen! :D

I had photos of this workspace on my old blog, but since I tidied it up, I'm posting updates! Would anyone be surprised to know it's only been a couple of days and my desk is buried under a mess already?


Everyone's got these little ikea drawers, it seems. Mine goes through a makeover every once in a while. Today it is blue.

I don't actually call this a "studio". I just call it a workspace. It's a corner of my living room!


My precarious bookshelf! My palette on the lower left side there... it's just a white plate. But look how clean it is!!! :D Usually it is a hideous lumpy rainbow of colours.

My workspace doesn't actually look quite like this anymore. It is always evolving, bigger messes, smaller messes, new things here and there. A new blue stain. This is just a snapshot of one rather productive afternoon. :)

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