Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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Nolwenn and I decided to start a couple of paintings and then switch them so that I could finish hers and she can finish mine! We used acrylics, collage and stenciling. This is what the very beginning of her painting looked like. 

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I really love the patterns that her stencils make, so I went in and pulled them to the surface with saturated colours!

 photo IMG_8729blog_zpsa490b470.jpg

When it was colourful enough, I drew a honeycomb pattern and began blocking off parts that weren't as interesting. It was difficult to choose.

 photo IMG_8730blog_zpsd33a96e1.jpg

I traced around the shapes with a border of golden "pearls" and added my usual personal touch ;)

Don't know if this it totally finished but that's all for today! 

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