Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spread the Lava

My valentine finished for today! Yay!

 photo IMG_864blog1_zps64c1dc46.jpg

It's a bucket of lava from Minecraft and it kinda looks "enchanted" but whatever you get it right???

We don't really do valentine's day (sadface) but there's an event this weekend with friends, so party, party! I'm making vegan rice krispies treats with strawberries and super-dark chocolate in them - mmmmm I hope it works okay.

While we're on the topic of relationships (sorta), this week I ended a 13-year bond I had with this pretty, little guitar. I'm a little bittersweet about it.

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You see, I got this guitar on the last day I ever spent with my dad before he skipped town.  I consider this to be the only nice thing he's ever done. My grandpa bought this guitar for $3 because it is super old and damaged! But I really loved it and thought it was really beautiful with its tacky, 70s vibe. It was insane to play on and forced me to get decent really quick. The warping in the body amplified every screech and buzz, and the strings mangled my fingertips. Anyone else who played it usually hated it.

Here's a strange photo of us when I was a teenager. There are so many colours it looks like I'm sitting in a child's room!

 photo IMG_864blog8_zps9da296d7.jpg

So this week I decided it was time to pare down. I took my guitar to my old high school and left it with a teacher there. The best thing I could think of was to give it away to a child (of his choosing) who might be considered "high risk". My hobbies with art and music were such a comfort during those incredibly difficult years and I wanted to pass that on to the next girl... I hope that she loves it as much as I did!

If somehow that person ever ends up here wondering why I would wish upon her such unpleasant blisters - just push through the pain, man.  Oh, and that terrifying cracking noise the strings make when you tune them, it's totally normal. Don't take the strings off all at once because the bridge will fall off entirely. We may have glued it, but I don't remember. 

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