Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make a Mess

 photo 2013mpeacockmessblog2_zpscac2b3bd.jpg

I sure made a mess this week! Auuugghh!

The common tip of keeping your desktop clean is such a good one. I feel so muddled just looking at this, and my calligraphy pen has been missing for days.

 photo 2013mpeacockmessblog1_zps677b20ca.jpg

Today I'm destroying my last sketchbook and maybe only four pages had anything on it I wanted to keep! Some of the rest I've been chopping up and collaging on some tiny pages...

 photo 2013mpeacockmessblog3_zpsca593106.jpg

A mini book perhaps? A bookbinding video experiment? A small giveaway?  Where exactly am I going with this? hmmmm....

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