Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation & Garden

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My workplace has closed down for a couple of weeks and so I have been given the lovely gift of time. Time is something I tend to waste if given lots of it. And yesterday we finally got the Netflix which will only allow me to waste more of it! This morning I watched Ghost Cat. 

No, really. 

I wonder how many embarrassing movies I will be able to stuff into today?

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Today is the last chance for a little while for me to do anything creative before sending off into the mountains alone, to visit with family. Yesterday I practiced a little highway driving and nearly had a heart attack because the highway has changed significantly. But I survived the short trip and so did the car. When I came back, I found such delight in this year's balcony garden. This is the greenest it's ever been for such a black thumb like me. I only hope it isn't dust by the time I return home on monday - eep!

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It's my goal to leave for a long weekend but not disrupt my blogging schedule too much! So today, if I get away from the Netflix, will be full of cleaning, videotaping and painting. Who am I kidding?

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Look who has come back from the dead! Mini Rose #3 has tiny little mini leaves!  The one rose bloom is the only flower out there so far... but the young green is so revitalizing. I see small buds forming on the nasturtiums and I hope they survive my absense! 

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Perhaps I am taking these photos before I leave in case something happens and they don't make it. Proof that once, my balcony was green and wonderful. Maggie has been spending very long days and evenings out there just watching the leaves sway back and forth. We plants are happy plants. 

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