Friday, September 13, 2013

Watercolour Painting - Raining Sun

 photo 2013mpeacockrainingsun_zpsaf10e254.jpg

There are lots of dry spells where I don't have any ideas, but it's not good to keep waiting and waiting. Sometimes you just have to jump in and scribble a bit. This one reminds me of those days where it's hot and sunny, but suddenly raining at the same time. It's like a happy rain. Those are usually rainbow days.  I did this one really quickly so it's priced much lower than my other ones.

 photo 2013mpeacockrainingsunblog3_zps9c461db4.jpg
 photo 2013mpeacockrainingsunblog4_zpsa0bd75d8.jpg
 photo 2013mpeacockrainingsunblogblog4_zpsc6559215.jpg

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