Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back from the Enchanted Market!


It rained all over our Enchanted Market yesterday, though I didn't expect it to have much effect on the turnout, as the market was indoors. That, and if we refused to leave the house whenever it rained, we'd only come out maybe two months out of the year!

Well in spite of this, the turnout was pretty low and no one had a very good day. Art in particular is a tough sell because the benefit of art is inspiration and entertainment from a beautiful image, and that happens just by looking; it's hard to pay for something you get completely for free.


Most of the people at the market did have nice things to say, which was really sweet! Thank you :)

This show in particular had a really friendly feel to it, actually. I met some nice people, so there was never really a dull moment. Sometimes even this is worth all the stress and prep and investment... and an animal rescue center got a small boost yesterday as well :)

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