Sunday, November 11, 2012

Personal Journal Post - 11/11/12


I am sitting on my aging, yellow couch (futon, actually) and quietly considering Remembrance Day.

It's refreshing, actually, for the world to just stop for a minute. For the reminder that the world is so much larger than our own backyards. Just one minute of peace from all of the drama.

And oh... there is drama.


My family is e x p l o d i n g after years of petty build up, because my grandpa died this weekend.


And of course there is drama. Excruciating, uncomfortable drama. Sleep-stealing and heavily depressive drama. A minor incident turned into Epic Fantasy.

Lest we forget, or something.


Let's take a break. Let's take a breather. Let's turn off the phone and be quiet for a while.

The drama can wait.

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