Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY stencils from acetate

 photo IMG_875blog5_zpse0517632.jpg

I bought a box of projector transparencies a long time ago. You know, the plastic pages teachers often use on mirrored projectors. They can be handy for some things. Because they are plastic, I like to cut stencils out of them.

 photo diamondblogl_zps3832b239.jpg

They are not easy to work with, however! They are difficult to cut, so it's better to use a pattern that can be easily cut with scissors, as my knife blades don't work very well.

 photo hexagoblognl_zps54672d6c.jpg

The alternating herringbone was definitely the easiest!  They are not perfectly cut and I'm still finding little pieces of transparent plastic poking around... I think next time I might try cutting from cardstock and then applying gesso or some other coating to them!


Roben-Marie said...

I love your handmade stencils!! Your work is beautiful and I although I don't comment I wanted you to know how much I enjoy seeing your work! Cheers, RM :)

melissa peacock said...

Thanks! I still have your envelope and things from a swap a couple years ago and love them! :)