Thursday, March 14, 2013

Torrent of Envy

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During a social event, rain fell. It flowed across the streets in miniature rivers and streams. The rain bubbled up from the drains like little volcanos and threatened to overtake our basements. I sloshed through, my socks taking in a bit of rain here and there. It was deceptively dark and deep.

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I found myself collecting from this insane torrent of envy. I found myself wishing, wishing, wishing... walking through aisles of creative inspiration yet taking nothing. Imagining success but reaping none for myself. An active mind detached from a lethargic body.

 photo 2013MPeacockmacro2torrentblog_zps90ec8e8b.jpg

Sometimes I think I'm doing everything I possibly can for myself but that can't be true. Dreams can be dangerous, because one just might never wake up. Dazzling images dance in my mind, but really, I am standing still and collecting rain.

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