Monday, March 5, 2012

Journal Post 3/5/12


Just checking in with a journal post! I'm not sure if I use the violet end of the colour spectrum very often... I decided to doodle another stamp on another piece of polystyrene and decided to ink it up with a stamp pad instead of paint. It still doesn't work flawlessly!

But anyway I really liked the colour of the ink pad. Kind of a red-violet I guess. How I choose colours is quite basic - I reach for two tubes of acrylic paint and whichever two are on top are the ones I use.

(and when there are only three choices, it's even MORE basic! You can mix any colour with the specific red, yellow and blue paints I have on hand, so I don't really bother with pre-mixed colours anymore)


I think I'm on the mend, now, and the sun has come out just in time for today's driving lesson! Oh goodie.

*note to self - bring sunglasses!

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