Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Journal Rant 7/11/12


 This week I feel like I've got my boxing gloves on. There are some days where it feels like I'm wading against a strong current, and the only thing keeping me forward is one small goal. Just one. One that seems so obvious and reasonable to me, that it's hard to believe that I have to fight upstream just to get there.


There is a subtle pattern in my life in which I give and work hard for the reputation of being loyal and reliable, only to become so convenient that I end up taken for granted. Then one day I make a simple request, get a taste of it for about two weeks only to be pushed back down to square one all over again.  It is difficult for me because I was raised to be obedient with a guilt complex.


But maybe you are in a situation where you just want this simple thing, and someone or something is trying to hold you back, or trying to block your path or trying to guilt-trip you into walking away. And maybe all you need is a little boost, after all, the easiest way to keep someone down is to make them believe that they are unreasonable and wrong.

If this is you...

Fight. Fight big or fight small. Say "no" if you have to. Stand your ground and defend yourself, because you do not automatically deserve less just because you are female/male/old/young/gay/straight/anything else!



This post probably doesn't make sense to anyone else, but I just felt like I needed a little pep talk today. I hope this works.

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