Monday, July 9, 2012

Self Portrait - Whoever I Want to Be


I waffled all weekend over this painting. To avoid starting it, I went camping and watched a foreign film (can't work if I'm reading subtitles) and took a nap. The challenge was to create a contemporary self portrait.


I'm not sure if this fits the description but it fits me. I used colours and imagery from Picasso's Diary. This is titled "Whoever I Want to Be", and I suppose it's a painting of me painting myself. Heh.


There are many people who believe that you can change your thought patterns if you are persistent enough. They say that if you subconsciously talk down about yourself, you can change it by replacing these thoughts with positive ones.

In this case, I am trying to instill a greater sense of self-worth and success. If I can believe that I am doing the right thing, that I can do whatever I want, that I can be who I want to be and that I deserve it just as much as everyone else, then maybe one day it will happen!

It's never enough just to dream big, but it's got to be the first step. Somehow, I don't think you can just become great without first believing in yourself. 

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