Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have an Art Playdate!


Oh my goodness, so I finally hunkered down and finished Starry Night this morning. Stitching paper by hand is incredibly tedious, even more than painting the extra spotty layers! But it was done. Whew.


Yesterday I had a "painting playdate" with Nolwenn in her sweet little studio! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so I don't have any action shots of the day. But we had soo much fun! I got to play with some things I'd never seen before so now I've got a little list of toys I want to get... hehehe.


Many of my favourite online artists use heavy gel medium but I could never justify the cost of it. I... I think I might have to stock up on it now!


Here is some more gel medium in action, except this one has a microbead texture! I thought I was going to hate it but it's actually pretty cool.


I get asked about the butterflies fairly often. It seems to be a powerful symbol to everyone in a lot of different ways. I think people feel that butterflies symbolize change, taking something that is unpleasant and turning it into something beautiful.

That explanation is pretty relevant in my life, except that I never found caterpillars to be unpleasant things to begin with! haha. 

In this case, I sometimes tend to use butterflies when I'm not feeling creative enough. I had no idea where this painting was going, and it was beginning to frustrate me, so I turned to my old standby image of a butterfly.

The questions are interesting and I will have to think on it a little longer... could make a good topic for the newsletter. :)


Kelly Kilmer said...

If you scoop some gel medium out onto your palette and let it sit there, in 30 minutes you'll have heavy gel medium. In an hour, you'll have extra heavy. There's no need to buy different kinds of gel medium. I recommend regular gel medium. If you need to thin it, you can mix if with fluid gloss medium. Hope this helps!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the tip! I didn't realize they would be different prices! I'll have to watch out for that...