Friday, September 28, 2012

Make Time for Art - journal post 9/28/12


How do you make time for art?

Me, I'm more of a time hoarder; I work as few hours at my day job as I can comfortably afford, and I don't have kids. But that doesn't mean I make as much time for my art as I possibly can.

It's true. I spend a lot of time watching videos on youtube, reading articles, maybe playing a game. It is very easy to spend all of my free time on those. Like right now, I could be finishing a painting, but the act of filming it is such a turn-off. My camera only records in ten-minute chunks, and my memory card can only hold 15 minutes at a time. So it's quite cumbersome and makes me not want to paint at all.

Sadly, time does not magically appear out of nowhere, and you often have to sacrifice one activity for another. For me, it's internet. For many, it's television. For others, it's housework. Maybe sleep for those who have no free time at all.

There are less than three days left in the month and I haven't even started my newsletter yet! Meep.

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