Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adventures in Scrapbooking

 photo IMG_90blog00_zps4dee9130.jpg

I figured I might as well try out this fancy scrapbooking stuff, since it's really only one step away from art journaling. I really like working around a photo. I mean... with art journaling, everything is from scratch and I have to come up with some kind of focus point. In a scrapbook, the focus point is the photograph!

 photo IMG_899blog8_zps155c7940.jpg

I still occasionally collect photos for what is commonly known as "365" project. Except instead of taking a photo every day, it's more like... five a month. At the most. But who's counting?

I love the little pictures though I can never decide how to keep them!

It's not as fancy as a lot of the pages I see, but I think this could work!

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