Monday, April 22, 2013

Balcony Garden - April 2013

I'm not very good at gardening at all, so I feel super self-conscious when out on the balcony, fussing away. I often wonder if the many people who can see me are shaking their heads and wondering what new plant I'm going to kill this year? Are you also a black thumb? There are a few plants which seem impossible to kill.

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Tomatoes are good! That is, they generally survive the summer. Sometimes I will get some tiny, undersized tomatoes and they taste so incredibly sweet that going back to flavourless grocery store tomatoes is awfully depressing. I try to keep an eye out for "patio" tomatoes, because that can only help me, right?

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Strawberries are also a winner. For me, they are the easiest thing to grow. I haven't lost a single one! And sometimes they multiply! If my balcony is covered with nothing but strawberries I think I would be okay with that. 

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This is last year's clover. I thought it died. That would have been embarrassing. Yes, I can even kill weeds. This guy is actually starting to perk up after lots of water. I actually cut him in half since I considered him a lost cause but he's looking way better now. 

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Here's another perennial that I can't keep alive. What. Most 4" mini roses are actually four roses in one container. Two of them came back last year, and this year, they both turned into sticks. I don't know why I'm so terrible with them. One of this year's roses is already dying, but it hardly had any roots to begin with so no mystery there! 

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Well it's more like "baby" chard, because I put them in such small containers. I've already eaten some and it was yummy. 

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For a super duper risk-taking adventure, I have a blueberry! Aaah! I already have him in the wrong shape of container (way to go, me). From what I hear, they need other blueberry plants to make fruit, so if this one survives next year, I can find him a buddy. I have to pinch all of his flowers off, anyway. Fingers crossed. 

Other friends: hopefully some nasturtiums (another weed I can't keep alive) and cat grass for the kittehs. And somehow the calamondin is still alive after three years! Not well, mind you, but alive! 

Future updates will likely be grim. Though I have a good feeling about this one. 

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In actual art news, the two little wood paintings are listed in the shop!

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