Thursday, April 4, 2013


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I'm testing out the Golden Absorbent Ground on a couple of wood panels (with collage underneath, of course) and it is interesting! 

 photo 2013mpeacockforebodingblog2_zpsfa4bffd9.jpg

Lay it on thick enough and it will absorb paint nearly as readily as paper, though it still definitely has a "gesso" texture to it. If I get any more panels next time I'd like to try applying the ground with a paint roller or something... Not really digging the paintbrush textures. 

  photo 2013mpeacockforebodingblog1_zpsc4720b39.jpg

The thing about being able to use watercolours on panels is that it means they are no longer protected by glass! I covered the whole thing in a layer of glaze medium. Makes it look kind of "rich" and "watery". I like it!

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