Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adventures with Raw Canvas


When I was at the store picking out a wooden panel, I caught sight of some stretched raw canvases. I thought they were really beautiful so I bought a small 8x10" one to play with. 


So... not really knowing what these raw canvases are meant for, I wanted to find out if one could throw watercolours onto it.

So far, the answer is... no. Not really. The colour of the canvas is nowhere near as bright as a piece of paper, so much of the colour is lost. 

The rough surface is probably doing a number on my brushes, but that's okay because my brushes are pretty old and "basic" anyway :3


But the way they soaked together on the canvas was kind of fun, so I'm going to keep playing with this to see if I can get anything good to happen. 

Bonus Yummies: 
I... I totally caved and upgraded to a super basic DSLR today. I'M SO EXCITED. It's the Canon Rebel T3 (like I said, super basic) and I'm sure I'm going to break it. Assuming I ever figure out how to use it.

I got stuck on the first page on the instructions on how to attach the strap. Seriously. I'm doomed.

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