Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goddess Leonie's Business Workbook 2013

After some pondering, I downloaded Leonie's 2013 Business Workbook. She has a "Life" version as well which is probably lots of good fun.


It's an e-book that you print yourself, but my elderly home printer isn't useful for colour printing.  I had an unused cartridge full of colour ink so I printed some pages anyway! I imagine these pages would look quite lovely if printed professionally.


I'm excited to answer the tough questions! The website boasts 80 pages, but I think that must include the calendar. There were about 20 pages that I printed out which contained the workable questions. These are questions about goals, visions, income, profit, accomplishments and light problem solving. They look good!


I love how she encourages us to really OWN our minor accomplishments. I would be very interested to fill out these booklets every year to really see how each year improves in small ways!

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