Sunday, December 16, 2012

Art Journal Page - 12/15/12

I know lots of people seemed to like it, but I took the Clover journal from my shop for personal use :P

Clover and Buttons were from the first journal batch way back then, though I sort of wish I'd chosen Buttons! I like that one. It has a really nice texture on the front, and a few pages inside that were only half-sized. Next time.

Maybe the next future batch of journals should all include different sized pages as an experiment? I think they're kind of neat.

Well anyway, this first page above was inspired by some pretty, sparkly little faux leaves I used as a holiday decoration. I'm hoping to use more watercolours in this journal. On top of watercolours I used some metallic craft paint and a little gel medium!

Music: "Airport Lounge" Kevin Macleod

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