Saturday, January 5, 2013

Journal Page 01/05/13

I had a dream about my grandpa. It was before dawn and he was sitting on the porch with a pudding and a songbird he'd found and raised. Said, "I saved you some pudding, it's on the counter."

I went to the kitchen and sure enough, there were bowls of pudding. Taking the pudding out to the porch, I could hardly contain my emotions; after 20 years I finally had my grandpa back!

We ate the puddings together and he encouraged the songbird to perch on my arm instead of his. This bird he'd hand raised and loved for so long was now mine.

It's so amazing how our brains can take a fleeting thought I had yesterday about my grandpa's death (and the gift he left for me), and turn it into such a pretty, little dream.

Music: "Cipher" by Kevin MacLeod @

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