Saturday, January 19, 2013

Video: Journal Page 12/18/13 & Inspirational Card Deck Swap

Music: "Cipher 2" Kevin MacLeod @

I've recently decided to take more consideration in the fun group projects I find on the internet; usually I am enthusiastic for the first few days until I skip a step and start tripping up all over the place, never to speak of it again.

But Shannon convinced me to join her in the Inspirational Card Deck Swap and I reluctantly accepted.
It's totally familiar in the sense that it's really a group ATC trade of 52 CARDS!! WOW. You send a artsy deck of cards and you receive a full deck back, each card from a different player.


It's totally unfamiliar in the sense that it involves inspirational quotations... something I never really cared much about. It's awfully tempting to push the limits and snark it up a bit, heh. WE WILL SEE.

The first challenge is getting anything to stick to coated playing cards. 

*whips out the sandpaper*

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