Thursday, May 16, 2013

Journal Covers & Garden

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This weekend I'm doing a private workshop so I'm trying out some easy cover layouts to use with the Gelli Arts plate! I started out with two layers of colour, then a white layer (with a word written into it), then a bit of collage. Other than the printing plate, I'm trying to use items that most people would have around the house - basic acrylic paint, scrap paper, pencil crayon. That's it!

If anyone remembers the balcony garden, here's an update:

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Another super wet year, so the tomato has been growing pretty slowly! I think it will keep going though.

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Blueberry is still very much alive (and lively)!

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Clovers are happy!

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Strawberries are VERY happy, and soooo tall!

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100% success rate for the nasturtium seeds. I don't usually grow from seed because I'm not that good, but these ones are looking pretty happy! I planted them a bit late so they have to catch up. 

The mini roses are still alive somehow (except for #3 but he may still come around from the ground up, who knows) but they will probably not have a great year. 

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