Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peerless Transparent Watercolours

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Look at this crazy thing Nolwenn found for me! It is a book. But it is also watercolours. As a book. On paper.

Kind of like those colouring books with all of the little dots maybe?

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So this super old company puts watercolour on sheets of film and lets it dry. If I want to paint a colour, I cut off a tiny piece of the film and put it in a little pool of water. Voila! Paint.

 photo IMG_908blog9_zps3043657e.jpg

Or... I can glue pieces of it to another surface to make a tiny, paper palette. What?! That's crazy. Look at this thing. It's adorable.

Apparently I can order individual colours from their list of something like 200 colours! Woah. I'm getting a Pokemon vibe over here. How can I not want to collect a million of them?

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