Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sending Love

Hey there.

Just quietly checking in after a week or so of artistic inaction. After a super minor clash at work yesterday, I descended into a (not-so) Sneaky Hate Spiral in which I gathered every bit of work-related injustice I'd ever received and wanted so dearly to target hot red rage into the face of one of my least-loved coworkers. The problem with resisting and remaining polite, is that the fire never gets put out. Instead, it just puts another stack of kindling onto the pile for next time.

 photo IMG_91blog73_zpscba303a0.jpg

And what the Sneaky Hate Spiral story seems to lack is the truly unpleasant outcome! After all of the rage and daydreaming about punching people usually comes self-pity and sobbing fits of ridiculousness. Headaches, pain, exhaustion, and the goofy realization that a lesser person wouldn't even have bothered in the first place. 

 photo IMG_91blog74_zps1933df4a.jpg

So I guess today is an appropriate day to play onto a mini painting, an image I thought about when an old friend was going through a similar hate spiral. Sending love to you, even though all I really feel like sending out is rage! RRAAAGGEEEE.

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