Friday, January 20, 2012

End of Cookie week


It's over! Cookies all packed up in cute little boxes and cupcakes were finished this morning. What an emotional roller coaster! I dropped lots of things today.


j: So what colour wrappers do you-

*crash! plink! plink!*

j: ... did you just knock over your sprinkles?

me: YES. HELP.


I found this project at work to be super frustrating. It felt like swimming against the current a lot of the time. I was in a kitchen full of people all hoping I would fail, so that they could take the cookies and cakes for themselves. We had to keep sending for more eggs because the staff would eat them all. Two dozen eggs in two days. I brought my own eggs and they ate those too. A hundred or so extra cookies and cakes weren't enough - it seems like the cupcakes barely made it!


I think that's why I so welcomed the help I got in the end, even if it did mean delaying the cupcakes and coming in early AGAIN. It was refreshing to have someone on my side for once - a life preserver in a sea full of sharks.

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