Wednesday, January 4, 2012

journal post - 01/04/12


It's hard to resist the temptation to make new year's resolutions. Truthfully, there is nothing fantastic about beginning a new year. Nothing has happened between December 31 and January 1st that will magically change our lives forever. So what is with this new energy and determination? I made a to-do list yesterday, a combination of easy steps and huge undertakings.

I am procrastinating on the dental and auto front.


Anyway, this year I have resolved to be more productive! I know I know, vague resolutions rarely see any success. I'm not going to bother guilting myself into getting physically fit, since I know myself pretty well. (read: FAIL) But I can resolve to do the things I've been putting off:

- Get wisdom teeth removed
- Book my driving exam (eep!)
- Join an arts council
- Get back into bookkeeping (also figure out whether or not I should register as an artist)
- Definitely submit a portfolio for reals and for the first time ever...
- Enter more juried shows if I can find em and they aren't expensive
- Say "yes" to opportunities

...and so forth.


I should probably add "be more social" to that list, instead of just hiding away from everyone. It's easy to throw up my hands in defeat when everyone I know seems to be leaving town! Which is the weirdest thing ever, by the way.

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