Friday, January 6, 2012

Project 365


It has been a super long time since I took the last photo for my 365 Photography Project - the one where you take a photo every day. I stopped because my friends stopped. I stopped because I'm a homebody, and it's difficult to document a day where nothing at all happens.

Looking back at the photos, I wish I'd kept going. Those random terrible photos on those days I'd spent doing nothing actually did bring back some memories. Not so terrible after all.

But how do I shake off that annoying feeling at the end of the night when I'm tired and realize I haven't taken a photo yet? I'm pretty sure I have weeks worth of photos of random crap at night. Is it just another potential source of project burnout?


Apart from the Project 365 blog, I've been inspired by a few things today!

Papirmasse: This looks soooo cool! I kind of want to sign up some day. Receive a collection of art prints through the mail for $5 a month.

Instagram Photostrips: A (somewhat unnecessary) tutorial on how to make photobooth-esque strips from your digital photos! Of COURSE I should be combining images onto one photo. More bang for your buck! The internet sure has a way of making me wish I had one of those newfangled phone things. Fun games, useful apps, photos you can actually transfer to a computer...

Foam stamps without carving
: You can make a stamp just by writing with a pen? Good grief. I wonder if I could use a styrofoam egg carton? I think I have one...Link

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