Monday, January 16, 2012

Journal post - 01/15/16


While I'm not giggling over The Bloggess (btw I want the book), I've been testing out the printer and as it turns out, it prints colour images TERRIBLY! Above are some of the cute "clip art" from Kira and Roben-Marie.


The scrappy journal is a bit challenging, but in a different way. On one hand, it's nice to have a page started already so that I don't have to come up with a base layer from scratch. On the other hand, I have to work with what is already there, but don't really want to "waste" it by covering the whole thing in white paint.

And the pages are all warping because they are not watercolour paper and that kind of annoys me.


Actually, the whole world is kind of annoying me. My procrastination is completely out of control and it's been snowing out and I'm tired and blah. But it's finally Cookie Week so that's one thing about to be out of the way.


There has been talk of using Smash books for daily photography projects and that seems like a cool idea I guess. I have been flip-flopping over it all weekend! Yes? No? My printer is simply not good enough to print the photos in a way that... um... look like the photos (more like vague clusters of coloured dots?) so I will still need to actually GO OUT and print them.

But they are set up to print tiny already, and no other ideas on what I will do with them.

The Michael's coupon is singing to me... It says: uuussee mee! If you get half off, that's almost original retail price everywhere ellllssseee! But there IS no 'everywhere else', HA! BITCH

Do they have toffee mochas again at Starbucks yet? Because, I'm going there tonight to meet a childhood schoolmate and I might be too embarrassed to buy a frozen drink when it is snowing out.

Update: And after all that, the Smashies are sold out! LOL. It's the coupon curse, I tell you!

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