Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is with our fascination for all things nostalgic?


I've been floating around town. It's like some kind of hazy dream, or fog, or something. Complete lack of focus or ability to make a decision. I can only hope that I am prepared to make a thousand cookies tomorrow. Hmm.

Anyway, so when I saw the empty shelf where the Smashies used to be, I wandered around with my coupon curse. Everything was on "sale" so my coupon was even more worthless. I had to stop myself from buying $20 worth of scrapbook paper.

Instead I went on a search of gobstoppers. You know, to stop my gob. I ended up buying this cute little book from the dollar store to put my wee photos in (above).



(I miss having a new desk! Now it's a splotchy green one. Where'd the pretty one go?)

So I found out that you can't paste photos onto scrapbook papers. It just cracks and falls off. And the printing process is inconvenient. So I might switch to laser printing from now on, woop woop. And dating the photos so I don't have to remember.


A photo of a photo! Ohhhh man I could go for a mocha cupcake right about now.


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cheryl@notes from the crystal stairs said...

I think ther is a comfort in looking back at the past at times. I love the fact that you got the book from the dollar store