Friday, May 25, 2012

Cutest thing ever


I just couldn't NOT share this. Usually it feels like my sister and I have been butting heads since she first learned to speak (she's now 12), but then adorable things like this happen and then I'm all like "d'awwww!"


I opened the tightly folded piece of paper and it was a drawing of a pegasus. In the bottom corner it reads: "I bet you could draw this better!".

I can't tell if she's embarrassed, or trying to be modest... It said it was a "dare" so is she asking me to send a drawing back? I don't know.

(Tell me what you think in the comments!)


And so then she goes on to tell me that she did well in track-and-field and sent me her 3rd place ribbon. 

Sent it to me.


I... I don't even know.

Maybe I'm looking too hard at this and seeing a lot of messages that aren't actually there, but it kind of feels like someone just handed me a pouch full of precious gems or something.


Alex said...

Aww, this is so sweet! I think she definitely wants you to draw it and send it back for her :) Beautiful post :)

Emie58 said...

This is soooo sweet!!!! My sister is 10+ years older and I remember lots of moments of us bonding. Maybe draw a pic of a unicorn and send it to her instead???? Thanks for sharing!!!!!