Monday, October 15, 2012

Journal Page - 10/15/12


This weekend, I drove up the Coquihalla Highway for the first time in my car. I was pretty terrified, if only because we had a heavy rainfall warning just in time for my trip. Yay. If you've never heard of this highway I will describe it for you:

It's very interesting to look at, as it is a winding road that passes over a mountain (up to around 1200m high), though I didn't get much of a chance to look around at the pretty yellow leaves. Speeds are very fast even though my car was already slipping around in the rain way below the speed limit O_O


There are so many crazy fast drivers that there's now a tv show about it called Highway Thru Hell.


Definitely not a good drive for greenhorns like me. But better rain than snow. I got to stretch my muscles and travel far out of my comfort zone. And I got to learn what it feels like to drive through high winds that wanted to push my car over a huge cliffside, and rain that was heavy enough to completely obscure the ground.

*level up!*

Here's a video of this journal page in progress :3

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