Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Journal page 10/30/12


This journal page almost looks like a map, with a small body of water in the right corner, a huge mountain, a long, empty desert, and a puddle of lava?

Too much minecraft, maybe. :3


Here's a little letter traveling via airmail across the whole thing. Love!


Spoooooky micro lava! Don't touch it! 

No really, little beadies keep falling off and getting lost in my clothes. They are little adventurers, those.


Last night while I was working, I was hit by this insatiable urge to doodle lots of triangles. The desire to draw doesn't come as often as it used to so I had to oblige. I used a regular writing pen and a scrap of paper towel - ha!

I will see if I can develop it into a small painting this week, how about it?

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