Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journal Post 4/11/12


I do love these little half strips that show up sometimes in the journals :3


Hahaha I was distracted by my two cats. If one must have a cat, one must have two because it's much more entertaining and puzzling. I don't yet understand how they can spend two minutes grooming each other sweetly and then suddenly break out into a catfight.


Oh! So I signed up for this project just because it was free, and rarely does anything come free for canadians so I was pretty tickled about that!

It's free for a reason - they send you some mystery materials but also a Prismacolor product as one huge walking advertisement, but hey, the advantages go both ways on this one. It sounds kind of fun!

You use the materials to make a small piece of art, and then you leave it in a public space for a stranger to pick up. Sounds adorable, though... where do you leave objects in public without it being considered "litter"? Perhaps that is the truly creative aspect of it?

Hurry up, they're running out of spaces pretty quick O_O

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