Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Step by Step - Pitcher part 1


I started a new painting today, though I don't have a working title for it yet (that usually comes later). I took some care in the pencil drawing. The one thing about sketching details first is that they tend to disappear, even under transparent mediums like watercolour! Ha. 


I started by filling in flat blocks of colour (with a bit of shading but not much). I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about colour combinations and I will probably regret that!

I consider this to be the "ugly" stage. It's easy to look at the flat colours and blobby shapes and want to quit right away! If you ever feel like you're forever stuck in the "ugly" stage, usually a bit of contrast will fix it. The dark shadow on the crow's tail is appealing to me already, so we'll need more of that.

Later :3

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