Monday, April 2, 2012

Journal Post 4/2/12


Just passing through today; I haven't done much of anything creative at all. I had my driving test this afternoon and I was so anxious I just couldn't focus on anything else. I'm actually pretty bummed out today because I failed the driving test. I would have forgiven it for stealing an entire day from me if something good had come of it, but there was none.




Apart from being drained emotionally (and financially), I was going through some of my old paintings that drive me crazy (because they're big and annoying) and probably less than half of them bit the dust today :3

The other half... I like them but hate having them. And they're not all in particularly fantastic condition after moving house twice. And some of them are on giant boards instead of canvas. But yeah. What will I do with these? I might post pics of some of them. I totally wouldn't mind doing a video with the colour theory portfolio because it's my favourite thing!

But for today I will be incredibly sad. I mean, it's not a bad situation or anything, but I just wish the testing instructor I got paired up with was even remotely friendly at all. Like. AT ALL. :(

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