Monday, June 18, 2012

Evolution of a Painting


Today, someone requested I try to repaint a sold painting, so I gave it a shot. I repainted "The Direction Things Always Go", but told myself that it wasn't going to be exact. After all, I painted it two years ago with a different set of paints.

I am happy and kind of surprised with the result.


Okay. So I had the most unbelievably difficult time capturing the colour. My camera only wanted to see blue, and oddly, my scanner was completely off the mark. This has never happened before, and I don't recall ever struggling with the blues/greens. I tried to fix it up as best as I could in photoshop but it's still not really there. The colours are actually very much like the original (bright turquoise and peacock blues), just.... significantly more vibrant.


Computer troubles aside, I am pleased with the update. I must have a bigger brush selection now because this second version has crisper lines. Her facial features are closer to what I originally wanted. 


Also, to update further, I added some butterflies to stick out of the painting because I love the way that looks.

I consider this to be the Director's Cut! 

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Alex said...

This is fascinating! Seriously, to see an older work of yours recreated just shows how far you have come in your skill and as an artist! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing :)