Saturday, June 30, 2012

Journal Post 6/30/12


Good news:

I didn't have to pick up my painting "Good Morning" from the gallery today because it sold. I guess this makes it the first gallery-sold painting - congrats little dude!

Though it's kind of sad I won't get to see it again.


Lousy news:

We decided to pack up the car with all the junk we'd been collecting for the past year to finally go recycle/whatever it all.

We got down to the underground parking and saw that someone had busted the lock on the driver's side door and made themselves comfortable inside. The car was empty but he/she left it unlocked.

I'm quite annoyed by all the pointlessness of it. Why break the lock on my car for no reason? Just to hang out? There's no money, no nice stereo, no tools, no nothing inside the car, so.... why?


And so I'm creeped out that had they had the ability to open the gate, would my car be missing right now? Who knows. And how did he/she get in AND out of a parking garage that needs a key to get in and out of?

So mysterious.


Despite all the rain, we purged our small apartment of all of our bottles and too-small shoes and broken gadgets, so we're still pretty pleased right now :3


Tomorrow is Canada Day and I super super hope that the weather clears up because I wanna go to the beach! Vendors (whhhhyyyy not me? lol) and burgers and kite clubs galore! Maybe I'll get to see local fireworks for the first time since I was a child? GASP!


Holy cow I can go anywhere, and on a weekend to boot! Amazing stuff, gais. 

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