Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moment of Stupid



Guess what I did this weekend.

Okay, so I was all geared up for the ARTS2012 show at the local gallery this year. I had a painting accepted into that show last year and it was a good experience.

But then recently my brain decided to stop functioning smoothly. I almost completely forgot about the Just Birds show but managed to get my shiz together just in time! Not so for ARTS2012.

I packed my work up at the last minute (again, forgetting about the deadline every single day), and dragged it all on the bus to the gallery. Unfortunately, there was no one there and the box office lady informed me that I'd missed my deadline by a whole day.



Sure enough, I had the correct date circled on the calendar, but I had convinced myself it was a different day. For two months leading up to it, I saw a different date. Even when I wrote it on the calendar. Even when I meticulously went over the deadlines again three days ago.

I'm not as disappointed by the situation as much as I am shocked by this completely out-of-character move on my part. My life isn't that stressful. Come on, brain, get with the program already. It's been too fuzzy for too long.

Anyway I just thought I'd share that little warning: check dates more than three times! :P I paid thirty bucks and got nothing.

On the bright side, there is a possibility that I can get my work schedule moved around so that I can finally do all the stuff I've been wanting to do which happens on weekends. I'm totally psyched about that, about eventually having a car... but not so psyched about the new late night shifts (til 1am) I'll have to take on as a compromise.

Worth it?

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