Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sneak Peek - Portfolio


Here's a peek into what I was doing today. I was puzzling over the idea of a carry-around portfolio and wasn't sure how to do it. I thought about online publishing, but the layouts are too strict and unfit.  I thought about scrapbooks, but hated the shiny plastic pages.

I saw a photo album in a photography store, which was just large photo prints glued to thick, black pages in a perfect-bound hardcover book. It looked really nice! The idea stuck with me all the way back home.


In the end I used the last of the art journal materials to make a portfolio (minus one signature, two was plenty). I think this is what I wanted from the beginning but thought it would look too... "homemade". And maybe it will. I haven't gotten around to filling it yet, but when I do I will show it off!

The reason I haven't finished it is because apart from the HUGE life change of getting weekends like normal people (!!!), I am also officially as-of-today a driver! I dumped all of our money on a pretty little red car and I am freaked! It's like a giant baby! Felt weird leaving it in the parking garage and out of sight.

But it felt FANTASTIC to drive alone without someone there to judge and test me. :3

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