Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journal Post 2/8/12


Oh no, the rain is falling. This week I am tidying up and making cupcakes for guests on Friday, I guess to distract myself from the fact I have to drive a car again that morning... eep.

I can't believe I'm more worried about driving than I am about getting all of my wisdom teeth removed. More worried about driving than taking care of business related stuff. Or being social. I think the worse part is knowing that the fear is not about driving but about being judged for my driving. So dumb.

So these are the cupcakes I'm making! Except using vegan margarine for the frosting and probably soy milk for the coconut milk because coconut is always iffy in a crowd. Well, so is ground almonds, but people with almond allergies wouldn't be consuming amaretto anyway. SO THERE.

Wanted to make some little flower decorations so I'm trying to melt vegan marshmallows on the stove. So far, these are the stickiest of marshmallows and very stubborn. It's been 45 minutes and they're only halfway melted. Upwards and onwards!

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